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Nadine Shu is a designer, illustrator and multimedia artist based in Shanghai.

She studies BFA Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in New York, specializing in materiality. 

Her works often tell the story about identity, body, space, and time. Her inspiration comes from the environment we live in, the lives around us, and our connection to great nature. In many projects, she collects recyclable materials to question people's consumption and production patterns in the current era.


In a collaborative sustainable project with United Nations, she reflects fashion's role in water pollution. She uses plastic debris, deadstock fabrics and natural dyed raw wool, organically handcrafts two pieces, FLOW and CHAOS, with crystals sponsored by Swarovski. 

Her Materiality Thesis Project “Dial-up, a conversation between transient forms” comes from her childhood memory of connecting to the internet for the first time. Being graduating completely online makes her realize how advanced technology is changing the world, and how people are becoming heavily dependent on it. 


Thinking about how the newest technologies are coming out at a super-fast pace, and previous products quickly fell into disuse and become forgotten, she reflects upon the vulnerability of the existence of technology products.


By collecting retro unused objects such as malfunctioned computer parts, old cassette tapes, and CDs, she uses fashion as a means to record her nostalgia towards retro technology and explore the complex connection between body, physical world, and digital world.


Her thesis is based on both physical and digital forms. She creates a series of illusory and surrealist wearable sculptures with handcrafted glass, recycled materials, and innovative 3D materials. She works on live body casting, 3D modeling, 3D print to redefine the connection between technology and body.


A retro computer room is rendered as a digital showcase for her wearable sculptures. The art installation, “Past Is Future”, is a physical showcase featuring fabric prints developed from her exploration.

instagram: @nadineshu